Part-time Instructor

 Role: Part-time support role to a lead instructor

  • Your job as a Support Instructor is to assist the Lead Instructor and to engage with the children, whether it be in a normal class, a Birthday Party or during one of our Holiday classes.
  • Other tasks within the role of Support Instructor include; helping with the lay out of equipment, attending to the children during lunchtime and taking them to the bathroom.
  • We encourage of our all Instructors to bring their own individual personalities to every class and above all make sure that everyone on the team and in the class is having lots of fun!

Required Characteristics:

  • A fun, focused and energetic person
  • We are a team of young charismatic role models who are dedicated to bringing out the best in children by using our considerable experience in both leadership and early years development.


  • A role in a young, exciting company that wants to invest in the training and development of its team
  • We also have a generous pay grade system which rewards your hard work and efforts

How to apply: