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A TARKA private class is a totally unique experience. 
What is a private class? 
  • Each 1-2 hour session is catered and adapted to each child
  • Our instructors will come to a location of your choice
  • An action packed, developmental exercise class will be delivered
  • The class will develop key areas. They include- balance, strength, agility, cognitive skills and an ability to think outside the box
  • With a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 children, it allows us to focus on more specific skills and techniques whilst also building a rapport with your child
  • Overtime, your child will gain in confidence and ability whilst also having a huge amount of fun! 
  • For Private classes held at St Francis of Assisi there is an additional £30 fee for booking the roof and hall.

Private class options 
Package 1: 1-hour developmental exercise class 
  • 1 x  Instructor (for up to four children)
  • This will include an hour of fun-filled, themed games that will focus on balance, strength, speed, agility, cognitive skills and the ability to think outside the box 
  • Cost: £100
Package 2: 1-hour and 30 minutes of TARKA Developmental Exercise and sport specific training 
  • 1  x Instructor for 2 hours (up to four children)
  • 1st hour- TARKA Developmental Exercise
  • Last 30 minutes – Specific sport training; cricket, football etc.
  • Cost: £140 for the 1 hour, 30 minutes
Package 3: 2-hours of TARKA Developmental Exercise with a variety of fun-filled workshops
  • 1 x Instructor for 2 hours (up to four children)
  • 1st hour- TARKA Developmental Exercise
  • 2nd hour- Developmental Exercise and a focus on lower intensity activities and cool down
  • Let us know what you are looking for and we can send the best instructor for your requirements 
  • Cost: £180 for the 2 hours

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