Our classes mirror the school terms dates and follow a progressive syllabus throughout the year. Our classes run Monday to Saturday during term-time. 

During the holidays we run 4 hour and 2 hour holiday classes (3 to 7 year olds) as well as keeping up with regular Younger classes (18 months – 3 year olds).

3 HOUR Nursery CLASS

A 3-hour morning nursery class that builds on the core class. The additional time allows us to concentrate on activities that focus on numeracy, literacy, science, world cultures, food and arts. At the end of the class the children eat their packed lunch together. 

Time: Every Monday 9am to 12pm.

Locations: Notting Hill (St Francis of Assisi)

Cost: £60 per 3 hour class or £54 if you sign up for the term


(18 MONTH – 3 YRS)

Slightly shorter than the original TARKA class as we have found that the optimal time younger children is a 45-minute class.

During this class a parent or carer is required to take part in the lesson and help guide your child around. 

Locations: Notting Hill (St Francis of Assisi)Notting Hill (Westbourne Grove Church) and Chelsea (St Columba’s).

Cost: £20 per 45 minute class or £18 if you sign up for the term. 


(18 months – 3 YRS)

A new class focusing on interactive music and dance where the children can burn-off some energy while refining their core social and physical skills. Children will be introduced to new instruments, sounds and movement. 

Times: Wednesday 9:30-10:15am and 10:30-11:15am

Locations: Notting Hill (St Francis of Assisi)

Cost: £20 per 45 minute class.


(6 and 7 year olds)

A new class in a larger space to allow us to develop multi-sport skills at the next level for older children. The class is aimed at 6 and 7 year olds (Year 1 and 2). The class will be held in the Edward Wood Sports Centre. 

Locations: Notting Hill (Edward Wood Sports Centre) 

Cost: £26 per 1 hour class or £23.40 if booking for the term.


1 hour TARKA class

An action-packed hour of developmental exercise encompassing imaginative games and innovative team exercises to nurture their emotional and physical development. 

Locations: Notting Hill (St Francis of Assisi) and Chelsea (Park Walk).

Cost: £26 per 1 hour class or £23.40 if booking for the term. 


1 hour TARKA older class
(4.5YRS – 6YRS)

A challenging but rewarding hour of developmental exercise encompassing imaginative games and innovative team exercises to nurture their emotional and physical development.

Locations: Notting Hill (St Francis of Assisi) and Chelsea (Park Walk).

Cost: £26 per 1 hour class or £23.40 if booking for the term.


2 hour Saturday class
(3 YRS – 7 YRS)

A slightly more fun and relaxed class over 2 hours on a Saturday morning in Notting Hill (9-11am) where the children can burn-off some energy while refining their core social and physical skills. 

Locations: Notting Hill (St Francis of Assisi)

Cost: £45 per 2 hour class or £40.50 if booking for the term.


Parents say

  • “It’s TARKA Day” is the first thing my son says as he jumps out of bed. It is a joy to see the enthusiasm, commitment and sense of pride he takes, which is mirrored by the TARKA instructors. It is a special thing you’ve got going and it is no surprise you are taking preschoolers by storm.”
    Lucy, Felix’s Mum
  • “TARKA has taught my son so much – agility, problem solving, respect and how to listen. It’s also a great workout! He loves it!”
    Katharine Lewis
  • “My son will often ask me to play the same games you play at TARKA at home, after 10 minutes (or so) he tells me I am not that much fun and don’t do it the same as the big guys!”
    Louise Carter
  • “There are few experiences that provide the same level of physical and mental stimulation, build measurable problem solving and team-building skills, and deliver such fun for children. Plus the music is amazing! We absolutely love TARKA and highly recommend it.”
    Myrna Atalla
  • “The TARKA team always ensures their classes are fun and engaging, their enthusiasm is infectious and never fails to inspire the children to push themselves just that little bit further. Whether it be an after school program or entertainment for a birthday TARKA is always our first choice!”
    Devon Radziwill
  • “TARKA has been breaking the mold for kids activities of all ages. Carefully curated classes engage my children mentally as well as physically, increasing their agility as well as their ability to work together as a team and finally to unwind and breathe at the end. As a mother of 3 kids under 5, I couldn’t imagine a better place to send my kids!”
  • “I love TARKA because I get lots of energy! That’s how I get warm! It’s really funny. When I was little, when I first started TARKA, I didn’t have any powers, now I have POWERS!”
    Sienna aged 4.
  • “As a child psychologist, I was impressed to see how seamlessly they wove developmental skills into fun and creative activities. From the classical music in the background to the “rules” of the games, it was clear that much thought was put into the day’s lesson plan.”
    Dr. Susan Waisbren, Professor of Paediatrics, Harvard Medical School
  • “Jasper and Fifi come back exhilarated, confident and inspired! The team goes above and beyond, not only creating new and exciting activities, making school holidays a blast, but also expanding our daughter’s world through weekly adventures at TARKA Troopers. They are an instrumental and positive part of our community.”
    Charlotte Houghteling
  • “I cannot recommend TARKA more highly. The atmosphere is fantastic and the children are really engaged from beginning to end of the class.”
    Flora Goodwin
  • “TARKA has been a life-changing for my son! It’s not just the physical exercise he gets but the inspiration the team represent in their little eyes is huge. They look up at them like superheroes and want to be like them! Healthy strong polite mannered boys – any mums dream!”
    Melissa Del Bono
  • “Alexandra loves TARKA because it builds her confidence in strength, coordination and running while having fun. She thinks of sport as having fun thanks to TARKA.”
    Catherine Jobling
  • “TARKA is totally unique and pioneering. It builds on overall confidence; development, etiquette and values, problem solving, mindfulness and community. It’s success is full credit to the relentless work and dedication of the TARKA team – who are personally dedicated to ensuring each individual child is excelling.”
    Laura Desmond, Mother to Henry 4 years and Edward 20 months
  • “The team entertain the children from start to finish with nothing but giggles and smiles throughout. Monty adored every session TARKA, he grew in confidence and made great friends.”
    Clemmie Raynsford
  • “TARKA is a fun and loving place in which children can finally be children! My son loves to be able to run, play and exhaust himself for an hour, whilst feeling loved and protected. He doesn’t even realise how much he learns during that hour. All of the TARKA staff have been amazingly warm and very sweet with the kids.”
    Inga Scharpenack
  • “Hands down the best few hours of my two rambunctious boys week and mine too knowing they are in such capable, caring and creative hands.”
    Jodie Dunlap
  • “THE.BEST.KIDS.CLASS Krish is seriously obsessed, so much so that his whole nursery class now attends, and his little sister can’t wait to join either! The guys are incredible and form special relationships with each and every child, they have the most creative imagination and so much energy!”
    Urvi Chandaria (Krish’s mum)
  • “Kids achieve goals together and come back happy and peaceful. If you aren’t doing TARKA, what are you doing?”
    Joanne Zanetton
  • “TARKA has has really enhanced Adams listening, behavioural and social skills. It’s a very organised, well thought out form of physical education for children which is educational, fun and stimulates their minds and bodies.”
    Rahala Noor
  • “The sense of calm that comes from knowing that she is in loving hands for such wonderful, imaginative and character building activities for part of her week is priceless. I heartily recommend TARKA for anyone seeking and amazing activity for your kids.”
    Hazal Kaynak