Our Classes & Prices

Tarka’s classes are designed specifically for the needs of nursery school children. Classes are mixed, with an instructor to every six children and we use indoor and outdoor spaces. See FAQ for further information.

Whats Involved?

  • Hand movements: Our exercises are designed to build dexterity and fine motor skills, for example by building pathways by slotting jigsaw pieces together. One study found that as many as 48% of children in the first year of school are held back by being unable to hold a pencil or a knife and fork; it’s our objective to make them comfortable with all these skills as they move to pre-prep school.
  • Throwing, running and catching: Our games include all the activities we know children enjoy and are helpful for the development of their gross motor skills: running, balancing, throwing and catching. In addition, a recent study found that “physically active” lessons of maths and spelling were much more effective than sedentary classes; it’s our objective to weave counting, matching colours and other basic deductions into our exercises to help supplement their learning at nursery.
  • Free play: An important part of any childhood is imaginative play. We want your child to associate physical activity with having fun. Evidence suggests being active is a skill children learn: during this crucial habit forming phase our classes aim to allow your child to develop a strong, positive relationship with energetic play.
  • Team activities: Our games require children to work together. Whether it’s throwing and catching a ball, passing a beanbag over their head to a fellow child, or solving a puzzle, our classes are designed to encourage communication and cooperation. It’s a big change to go into a group environment at pre-prep school, and we aim to make them comfortable with that transition by making them comfortable working with other children.




1x Class
Valid for 12 weeks




5x Classes +
Valid for 12 weeks



Individual or Group
Prices and availability on request.

Where & When?

Please go to ‘book a class’ for availability. Our studio is located at St. Francis of Assisi, Pottery Lane, Notting Hill, London, W11 4NQ (see ‘Contact Us’ map)