Tarka London offer specially designed exercise classes for pre-school children aged 2 to 5. Founded in 2015 by two former army officers and driven by the overwhelming evidence that young children are not getting enough exercise, to the detriment of their physical and mental development, our classes use fun activities to engage both body and brain, with the aim of a health and happy lifestyle.



NHS guidelines suggest pre-school children should be active for 180 minutes a day, but the reality is that few children come close to this number. We all know that exercise is important, be it for fighting obesity or reducing stress, but it can also provide a crucial advantage during a child’s formative years of cerebral development. Our mix of structured exercise and free play is designed to help maximize your child’s development while growing their concentration, coordination and communication skills.


For your convenience, our studios are located close to your child’s school, and we are therefore able to provide either collection or drop off of between your school and our studio, dependent on your class time. Our studios have both indoor and outdoor facilities and offer complete freedom within the confines of a secure, private environment. Classes are mixed, with both male and female instructors.